Goddess Secret

The legacy she wants is not the one she’s destined to have.

Legacy is getting this whole goddess thing under control. Survive until her eighteenth birthday so she can ascend? Seems easy enough. But when she learns the truth about her abilities, she is forced to keep a secret so monumental that if it ever got into the wrong hands, her already precarious journey would come to a swift and deadly end.

Besides the threat to life, there’s also the obstacle of love. She wants to be with Adin, but fate has bonded them to others. They won’t let a little thing like destiny stop them from trying, though. She’s not a goddess, yet, so there’s nothing wrong with having fun with her boyfriend, right?

As long as she keeps her powerful secret...

"The storyline has gotten more elaborate and beautiful, and has taken on more fantastical aspects than ever before...Simply put, I love these books, and I know other readers will too." - Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK